Nominating outstanding scientists, closing date March 1st: Excellent Researcher Award and Early Career Award 2018

From the 2017 ceremony. From left: J. Hov, K. Sandvig and T.P. Utheim.

Oslo University Hospital announce research awards in the following categories for 2018:

  • Excellent Researcher Award (300.000 NOK)
  • Early Career Award (two prizes of 150.000 NOK)

The candidates must be employed by Oslo University Hospital or University of Oslo, and member of a research group at one of these institutions.

Nomination criteria:

Both awards:

  • Any field of research
  • The candidate must be an active researcher, not retired, but otherwise any age
  • The candidate must be employed by Oslo University Hospital or University of Oslo, and be a member of a research group at Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo
  • Significant journal articles must be credited/addressed Oslo University Hospital.
  • The researcher must have further research plans at Oslo University Hospital; the prize should be used for further free research at Oslo University Hospital

Excellent Researcher Award

  • Recent research track-record and profile which identifies the candidate as a leader in his/ her field(s) of research
  • Contribution to strengthening of research milieus at Oslo University Hospital

Early career Award

  • Maximum 8 years of experience since completion of PhD and scientific track record showing great promise (any age). (Periods of maternity leave and sick leave are excluded from the 8 years restriction)

Evaluation Criteria – both awards:

  • Scientific excellence, i.e: peer review evaluation of scientific quality and impact.
  • Excellent researcher: contribution to strengthening research milieus at Oslo University Hospital

Evaluation Committee:

Oslo University Hospital’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

If the number of nominees is substantial, the Oslo University Hospital’s Research Committee will select candidates for the SAB’s final evaluation.

Nomination form and CV: email to within 1 March 2018

Download nomination form here (Word (.docx) document)

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