A new Postdoc joined us !

Emmanuelle Benard who did her PhD in Biophysics and Immunology in Marseille, just joined us ! 

She will be in charge of the development of new CAR T-cells.

First JOVE shooting

We had our first JOVE shooting on a new metod to generate spheroid for CAR T-cells screening.

Make sure to give it a look (once it is out) !


PIVAC 2018 was held in Oslo

PIVAC 2018 was held in Oslo, co-organized by the department of Cell Therpay. The conference permitted to share new advance in the field of vaccination and future prospects for immunotherapy. 

We will be at CIMT 2018!



Gunnar Kvalheim, Else Marit Inderberg, Sebastien Wälchli and Nadia Mensali will attend CIMT 2018 meeting in Mainz (15 to 17 May).

Make sure to look at their abstracts.

CIMT website

CIMT program

We will be at AACR 2018



Pierre Dillard will attend the 2018 meeting of the American Association for Cncer Research (AACR). He will present our recent work on universal killer, make sure to have a look !