Core facilities

The Core Facility Advisory Board

A core facility advisory board ("Fagråd for kjernefasiliteter") has been established in order to audit and evaluate the services provided by the regional core facilities affiliated with Oslo University Hospital (OUH). 

Read more at the Core Facility Advisory Board home page.

The Faculty of Medicine at UiO has new Core Facilities web pages. Many of these facilities are run in collaboration with Oslo University Hospital

 Core facilities at the Faculty of Medicine

Core facility overview - facilities run by OUS:
(access to the web sites for these individual facilities pages may also be found from the link to the UiO core facilities main page above)

Bioinformatics Core Facility 

Electron microscopy

Large Animal Research, Core Facility for

National Core Facility for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Norwegian Transgenic Center (NTS)

Proteomics core facilites (PCF)

Structural biology

Translational MRI NeuroImaging, Regional Core Facility

Facilities co-localized under 
Advanced Light Microscopy:

Flow Cytometry

Facilities co-localized under
Regional Core Facility for DNA sequencing:

Facilities organized under:
Microarray Core Facility

Facilities co-localized under
Preclinical MR Core Facility: 


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