Apollo article covering Ira Haraldsen's research: Early dementia revealed by artificial intelligence

Ira Haraldsen (photo: Ola Sæther, UiO)
Ira Haraldsen (photo: Ola Sæther, UiO)

Ira Harldsen, head of the Cognitive Health Research group at the Department of Neurology, OUH, is working on a new and groundbreaking European research project worth 150 million NOK, where the research team will combine something as modern as artificial intelligence with something as old-fashioned as EEG (Electroencephalography) to be able to establish, in a few seconds, whether you have early dementia or not.

Haraldsen's research is presented in a feature article in Apollon - the award winning popular science magazine from the University of Oslo.


The article in Apollon (in Norwegian):
Kunstig intelligens skal avsløre tidlig demens, by Yngve Vogt

Cognitive Health Research Group, headed by Ira Haraldsen

Deparment of Neurology


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