Ira Ronit Hebold Haraldsen
Position: MD, Psychiatrist, PhD
Phone: +47 23 07 49 20

Head of the CHTD group and senior consultant

CV - Role and Contribution

Curriculum vitae - Ira Ronit Hebold Haraldsen (IHH), former Ira Ronit Hebold (information related to PUBmed and ISI)

Born: July 15, 1960

Nationality: German, Norwegian Residence Permit

Present position: Group leader. Centre Director, The National Gender Clinic, OUS-Rikshospitalet


  • 2007 Dr.philos, University of Oslo, Norway, Cognitive ability and its influence by sexual hormones
  • 1997 Specialist in Psychiatry
  • 1992, LH and FSH pulsation patterns in females (summa cum laude), Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn, Germany
  • 1992 Specialist competence in Neurology in the EU
  • 1984 Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn, Germany (excellent)

 Previous academic positions:             

(1985-1987): Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute of Neurological Science, Cologne, Germany.
(1988-1992): PET research fellow; Department of Neurology, University of Cologne and Max Planck Institute.
(1996-2001): Resident, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oslo.
(2000-present): Centre Director
(2007-present): Group Leader

Experience with emphasis on innovation and the business sector:

One international patent application recently filed, another pending through Inven2 AS (former Birkeland Innovation, UiO).

Recent awards and honors

• Health Authorities in South-East Innovation Grant 201; • Norwegian Research Council Investigator Grant, 2010-201; • Norwegian School of Veterinary Medicine Investigator grant 2010 -2013; • NMS Investigator grant 2010; • Clinic of Surgery and Neuroscience Investor grant 2010; • Astra Zeneca International Investigator Grant, 2008; • Health Authorities in South-East Investigator grant, 2007-2010; • Lilly Research Award, 2007

Present postdoctoral, doctoral, and MSc students finished under supervision during the last 5 years

Main supervisor for one completed PhD thesis, main supervisor of three current PhD students and three current MSc students.

Membership in academic and professional organisations

  • American Society of Psychiatry; Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology; Norwegian Psychiatric Association; International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies

Academic referee functions, book chapters and 3 selected publications the last 10 years

IHH is a regular reviewer for more than 10 scientific/medical journals, and has been grant reviewer for the German and the Netherland´s Research Councils. She has presented more than 50 lectures and seminars internationally and nationally, has served as Chair and organizer of several meetings, e.g., WPATH Oslo, 2009; ISPNE 2007; and CPATH 2010, was a member of the scientific committee for WPATH 2011, and regularly communicates research results to the Norwegian print and television media (i.e., 4/2010, 28/3/10 Aftenposten, Vårt land, Apollon etc.).


Author network for Ira Ronit Hebold Haraldsen by COREMINE medical

Publications 2017

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Publications 2016

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Publications 2015

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Publications 2014

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Publications 2012

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Publications 2010

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Publications 2007

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Publications 2005

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Publications 2003

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Publications 2000

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