February 16-17 2023 in Oslo: National Conference on the Heart and Brain

Heart & Brain
Heart & Brain

In the tradition of David Russell, Oslo University Hospital continues to organize the national heart and brain conferences.  On February 16-17 2023, the 6th National Conference on the Heart and Brain will be held at Oslo Congress Centre. 
The conference is the largest of its kind in Norway and provides a good opportunity for updating and networking. The speakers are from all over the country and are among the leading experts in their fields.
Chair of the programme committee is Anne Hege Aamodt, leader of the Headache, stroke and covid research group at the Department of Neurology.

This year the programme committee has consisted of Professor Dan Atar, Professor Mona Skjelland, senior doctor Kristoffer Engh Russell, senior doctor Christian G. Lund, senior doctor Brian Enriquez and Anne Hege Aamodt.

Welcome message from Anne Hege Aamodt, chair of the programme committee:

I am pleased to welcome you to the 6th National Conference on the Heart and Brain.

The heart and brain are inextricably linked and share many risk factors for disease. About 25% of all cerebral infarctions are caused by emboli (blood clots) from the heart, most often due to atrial fibrillation. Many cerebral infarctions with an unclear cause ("cryptogenic etiology") are probably also due to atrial fibrillation or other heart disease. Conversely, stroke can affect and trigger serious arrhythmias.

It is therefore very important that Norway's leading experts gather to discuss and provide an update on what is new in the field of preventive, acute treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.

The purpose of the conference is to contribute to increased competence on cardiovascular diseases and to contribute to interdisciplinary cooperation. I hope the conference will be a good arena for bringing together key professional groups for joint updates and discussion where we can exchange ideas and utilize each other's expertise.



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6. nasjonale konferanse og hjertet og hjernen - 16. – 17. februar 2023, Oslo Kongressenter

Department of Neurology

Anne Hege Aamodt

The Headache, stroke and covid research group

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