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Anne Hege Aamodt
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Our main scientific interest research acute stroke treatment and diagnostic workup in acute ischemic stroke and the relation between stroke and atrial fibrillation. We are also doing clinical trials in headache and Covid.

Contact information: Anne Hege Aamodt

Meeting in the stroke research group at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience and the Divsion of Medicine: From left Gudrun Høie, Mona-Elisabeth Revheim, Anna Lambert, Kristine Stø, Hege Ihle-Hansen, Hilde Slaatta, Erik Prestgaard, Georgios Vlachos, Karianne Larsen, Dan Atar, Eivind Berge and Erik Eriksen.


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The Norwegian Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Study (NOR-FIB) presentation at the European Academy of Neurology Congress (EAN2023) in Budapest July 1st-4th 2023. 

The first biomarker results from the NOR-FIB study were presented at EAN 2023. PhD student Anna is the first author of this sub study that was presented by the Chief Investigator Anne Hege Aamodt. The study is published in the European Journal of Neurology https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ene.15746

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Brain Health at the European Academy of Neurology Congress (EAN2023) in Budapest.

Brain Health was the main topic at several sessions during the EAN Congress. Anne Hege Aamodt chaired the session on July 1st where Professor Giovanni B Frisoni from University of Geneva, Dr. Agne Straukiene from Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Orla Galvin Executive Director of the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) and dr Harris Eyre from Brain Capital Alliance; OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative, USA (hybrid) gave their talks.Also, the NeuroCOVID, NorMoyamoya and the TenCRAOS trial were presented at the EAN Congress. 

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Improving brain and vascular health at the population level: Lessons from the Norwegian success story

New data demonstrating decreasing incidence on stroke and dementia in Norway has been published by an international group working with brain health led by Prof Vladimir Hachinski, previous president of the World Federation of Neurology and founder of World Brain Alliance. Among the members are the president of the EAN Paul Boon and Anne Hege Aamodt. The paper was published in the European Journal of Neurology in May  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ene.15836 with an editorial.