Welcome to Anne Hege Aamodt's research group: Headache, stroke and covid

Anne Hege AamodtGroup leader
Anne Hege Aamodt
Group leader

Our main scientific interest research acute stroke treatment and diagnostic workup in acute ischemic stroke and the relation between stroke and atrial fibrillation. We are also doing clinical trials in headache and Covid.

Contact information: Anne Hege Aamodt

Meeting in the stroke research group at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience and the Divsion of Medicine: From left Gudrun Høie, Mona-Elisabeth Revheim, Anna Lambert, Kristine Stø, Hege Ihle-Hansen, Hilde Slaatta, Erik Prestgaard, Georgios Vlachos, Karianne Larsen, Dan Atar, Eivind Berge and Erik Eriksen.


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Study led by Aamodt and Atar receive attention: Atrial fibrillation the hidden cause of stroke in many patients

Anne Hege Aamodt, chief investigator
Anne Hege Aamodt, chief investigator

A study led by Anne Hege Aamodt, head of the "Stroke, headache and covid research group" at the Department of Neurology and cardiologist Dan Atar has shown that atrial fibrillation is the hidden cause of stroke in many patients, and that long-term heart rhythm monitoring of patients can prevent recurrent strokes in this group.
The results are presented in the European Stroke Journal. The findings have been summarized in a news article on sciencenorway.no, the English version of the award-winning popular science web site forskning.no, and presented via major Norwegian news outlets.

September 30th 2022: The Norwegian Research Days

Brain Health perspectives and lifestyle was the topic The Norwegian Research Days - "Forskningsdagene" - at Lillestrøm Innovation Centre the September 30th with Aamodt as lecturer.

Anne Hege Aamodt – chair of the Scientific Advisory Board in Norwegian Centre for Headache Research – NorHEAD

The Norwegian Centre for Headache Research (NorHEAD) in Trondheim was opened the on 1st of September and will carry out world-leading research on headache disorders. NorHEAD is a Centre for Clinical Treatment Research, funded by the Research Council of Norway. NorHEAD will. The goal is to systematize and improve current treatment knowledge and develop new and innovative therapies for the benefit of patients suffering from headache disorders. Oslo University Hospital is a partner in NorHEAD and several of the headache studies led from Oslo, such as the CovaxHEAD study, is under the NorHEAD umbrella. Aamodt has a part-time position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is the chair of the Scientific Advisory board with 4 leading international professors. 

Moyamoya course for users and next-of kin

On the 22nd of September the moyamoya team at Oslo University Hospital arranged a course for patients with moyamoy and ther next-of-kin. In 2021 Aamodt got grants from Through a pilot project with previous grants from Dam and Odd Fellow to a quality project in moyamoya. In cooperation with the user organisation Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Association and our user panel at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital, we have streamlined the workflow with a structured «one-door-in» strategy and state of the art diagnostic work-up for treatment and follow-up of moyamoya patients in Norway. We have established courses led by the moyamoya team and user representatives covering central topics including information on disease and treatment, coping strategies, lifestyle factors and networking platforms for patients and next-of-kin.