Institute Seminar Wednesday 9th of December at 12:00 Asta Juzeniene - Dept. of Radiation Biology

A. Juzeniene
A. Juzeniene

The next institute seminar takes place Wednesday December 9th at 12:00 in the Auditorium with the following speaker:
Asta Juzeniene - Dept. of Radiation Biology
Title of her talk: “Solar radiation, vitamin D, folate and skin cancer

Solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main source of vitamin D production and also the most important environmental risk factor for skin cancer development. Folates and cobalamins, which play an important role in genomic stability, are sensitive to UV. This talk will focus on the group’s activities related to the effects of UV radiation: Induction and progression of skin cancer, generation of vitamin D, photostability of folates and cobalamins, influence of UVA and UVB on skin cancer cells. A non-invasive melanoma detection method, optical transfer diagnosis (OTD), will be also discussed.


Asta Juzeniene's Project group "Photobiophysics"

Asta Juzeniene's publications

Institute seminars autumn 2015

Institute seminar organizers:
Mads H. Haugen, Stine H. Kresse and Trevor Clancy

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