Research at Oslo University Hospital


Oslo University Hospital is a merger of three former university hospitals in Oslo. Biomedical research is one of the hospital's core activities. Research at the hospital is closely interlinked with research undertaken at the University of Oslo. More than 50% of all biomedical research in Norway is published by researchers affiliated with the hospital. Research undertaken cover both basic rsearch, translational research, and clinical research.

Oslo University Hospital has a central role in developing and supporting biomedical research within the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority. The hospital also pursues international research collaborations.


Latest news

Tuesday December 2nd - NORIN seminar

Limitations of today's diagnosis and monitoring


The Norwegian Inflammation Network (NORIN) is holding a new seminar entitled “Limitations of today's diagnosis and monitoring.”

When: Tuesday, 2 December, starting at 16:00
Where: Domus Medica, "Rotunde," Runde auditorium (GA21 R-105), Sognvannsveien 9, University of Oslo


The next Oslo University Hospital research seminar Decemter 1st 14:30

Regenerative medicine


Everyone is welcome to the next Oslo University Hospital (OUH) research seminar, which is entitled "Regenerative medicine".
Speakers:Jan E. Brinchmann, Axel E. Foss, Meeta Pathak, Dag Josefsen, Hanne Scholz and Jan E. Brinchmann.
Time: Monday, December 1st, 2014, at 14:30-16:00.
Place: Red Auditorium, Rikshospitalet, Sognsvannsveien 20, Oslo.


OUS research blog:

Åsmund Husabø Eikenes blogs about understanding cell division through the study of fly spermatogenesis

Å. H. Eikenes
Å. H. Eikenes

Åsmund Husabø Eikenes, Phd student from Harald Stenmark's group at Department of Biochemistry at the Institute for Cancer research, has been invited to contribute to the new popular scientific Oslo University Hospital research blog. In is recent blog article he writes about how his PhD work on spermatogenesis in Drosophilia melanogaster have led to the discovery of novel control mechanisms that are crucial for precision during cell division.
Eikenes has previously been awarded the "Hjernekraftprisen 2013", an award distributed by the The Norwegian Association of Researchers. 


Oslo Kongressenter, February 12-13 2915

5th National Conference on Stroke


David Russell from the Department of Neurology at the Division of Surgery and Clinical Neuroscience at Oslo University Hospital welcomes participants to the 5th national conference on stroke - "den 5 Nasjonale konferanse om Hjerneslag".
Every year 16.000 Norwegians are stricken with stroke, and more than 60.000 have previously had one or more strokes. It is therefore important that the foremost Norwegian experts in the field gather in order and be updated on what is new within preventive, acute treatment and rehabilitation from stroke.
Final date for registration is February 1st 2015.


New genotyping service at Oslo University Hospital

Aina Rengmark
Aina Rengmark

The Neurogenetic laboratory is now pleased to offer the research community its competence in genotyping. The service is optimal for genotyping of low to moderate number of genetic variants.
Aina Rengmark (photo) is postdoc and responsible for the service facility. “Using optimized assays we can offer very competitive prices”, she says. Normally the total price including labor will be lower than the assay costs for the commonly used TaqMan technology.


Ceremony Friday November 21st

Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2014 to Arne Kolstad

Arne Kolstad with Harald Stenmark during the ceremony
Arne Kolstad with Harald Stenmark during the ceremony

The 2014 "Dr. Ragnar Mørk's legacy prize" went to Arne Kolstad from the Department of Oncology for his excellent clinical research on lymphoma therapy.
This annual award of NOK 200.000 is given to scientists affiliated to the Norwegian Radium Hospital who have obtained important results within the field of cancer research.
The ceremony took place Friday November 21st in the Research Building at Montebello. Kolstad gave an interesting lecture about the research activities that has earned him the award.