New Center of Excellence: Integreat - The Norwegian centre for knowledge-driven machine learning

Arnoldo FrigessiCenter leader
Arnoldo Frigessi
Center leader

Integreat - The Norwegian centre for knowledge-driven machine learning - has been selected as a new Center of Exellence. Arnoldo Frigessi will head Integreat for the first three years. He is the director of the Oslo Centre for Biostatistics & Epidemiology (OCBE), a joint center integrating the activities of biostatistics departments at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.

The nine new centers appointed by the Norwegian Research Council will each receive NOK 155 million.

In June last year, 36 applicants were invited to further develop their applications. The funding for the nine centers were granted at a meeting on 22 September.  


Integreat - The Norwegian centre for knowledge-driven machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is the mathematical and computational engine of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and as such a fundamental force of technological progress in our increasingly digital, data-driven world.

Major obstacles however are that contemporary ML is neither explainable nor transparent, is often unfair, lacks robustness, insufficiently quantifies uncertainty, fails to generalise across domains, depends on huge amounts of curated data, and has algorithms requiring excessive energy to run.

Integreat, the Norwegian centre for knowledge-driven machine learning, will contribute to the radical transformation of ML. In contrast to the data-centric paradigm of today's ML, Integreat develops theories, methods, models and algorithms that integrate general and domain-specific knowledge with data, laying the foundations of next generation ML. This will be done by combining the mathematical and computational cultures, and the methodologies of statistics, logic and ML in unique ways.

Integreat's knowledge-driven ML will produce solutions which are (1) more accurate, (2) sustainable, (3) fair and explainable, (4) account for uncertainty, and (5) lead to better automated decisions.

To reach these five objectives, Integreat's methodology injects knowledge into Bayesian inference, approximation methods, and into integrative, logic-aware, language-based, causal and transfer learning. To test and validate our strong and deep foundational results on real-world problems, we draw on our collaborations with scientists and organisations.

This will produce lasting benefits for science, society and the economy. The synergy of world-leading researchers, who have been and are contributing highly influential methods to statistics, logic and ML, many young talents and prominent international scientists, will allow Integreat to shape the new field of knowledge-driven ML. Integreat will contribute to the national effort to make Norway one of the world's leading countries for ML research.


From the Norwegian Research Council (in Norwegian):
1,4 milliarder kroner til ni nye sentre for fremragende forskning

From the University of Oslo (in Norwegian):
Fem nye Sentre for fremragende forskning til UiO

Arnoldo Frigessi

Oslo Centre for Biostatistics & Epidemiology (OCBE)

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