Pierre Chymkowitch granted support from the FRIPRIO program

Pierre Chymkowitch
Pierre Chymkowitch

Dr. Pierre Chymkowitch from the Department of Microbiology at Oslo University Hospital has recently been granted 8.531 million NOK through the FRIPRO program from The Norwegian Research Council.

The “Researcher Project” receiving support is entitled “Regulation of mitotic transcription by centromeres”. 


From the home page of the Norwegian Research Council:

Applications granted support (published Dec 18th 2019, in Norwegian):
Søknadsfristen 10. april 2019: Innvilgede forskerprosjekter, unge forskertalenter og mobilitetsstipend

Category "Research projects" (PDF) - "Innvilgede søknader om forskerprosjekt etter fristen 10. april 2019"

Home page of Pierre Chymkowitch’s group:
Transcriptional Regulation Of Cell Fate

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