Vessela Kristensen appointed Head of Research at the Department of Medical Genetics.

Vessela N. Kristensen
Vessela N. Kristensen

Vessela Kristensen is appointed Head of Research at the Section for Research and Development at the Department of Medical Genetics. 
During her 23 years at the Institute for Cancer research (1996-2019), she has lead multiple projects and attracted external funding for more than 40 mill. NOK leading 9 PhD students as a main supervisor. In the last 13 years (20006 - 2019) she has been professor I at Institute for clinical medicine, Campus Ahus, where she supervised additional 6 PhD students and generated external funding for 21 million NOK. "Now it is time for something new" says Vessela Kristensen.

Vessela N. Kristensen continues:

"My research topic has always been human genetics, and I want a future where people everywhere realize the benefits of human genetics and genomics research. A lot of focus in cancer research is on the treatment of the final stages of the disease, where it is most urgent. I want to put my energy where there is less effort at the moment, e.g. to prevent, postpone and control the disease. My dream is that everyone will receive their gene card at birth and will know what treatment will work best for them- from astma, allergy, through pain control, anasthesia and cancer.  I feel that AMG is the best place where I can contribute to achieve this goal. I am looking forward to continue my fruitful collaboration with my good old colleagues and open new venues with my new ones."


Home page of Vessala N. Kristensen's research group - Cancer Genome Variation

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