Paper from Weyergang´s project group published in Journal of Controlled Release

Anette Weyergang
Anette Weyergang

The paper entitled "Light-enhanced VEGF121/rGel: A tumor targeted modality with vascular and immune-mediated efficacy" by Anette Weyergang et al. includes a collaboration with the Rosenblum lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center and the core facility for advanced light microscopy at the Institute for Cancer Research (OUS).

The manuscript was published in Journal of Controlled Release a highly recognized journal in the field of delivery science and technology.

Summary of the findings from Anette Weyergang:

Previous studies have shown the vascular targeted toxin VEGF121/rGel as an effective anticancer modality in combination with the intracellular drug delivery technology photochemical internalization (PCI). It was here hypothesized that VEGF121/rGel-PCI not only exerts its action by destruction of the tumor vasculature, but also stimulate direct cancer parenchymal cell death. The aim of the present study was therefore to elucidate the anticancer mechanisms of VEGF121/rGel-PCI.  In contrast to VEGF121/rGel monotherapy, VEGF121/rGel-PCI was found to mediate its effect through VEGFR1 and VEGFR2, and a targeted treatment effect was shown on VEGFR1 expressing cancer cell lines in addition to VEGFR2 expressing endothelial cells. A treatment effect on cancer parenchymal cells was also indicated on H&E stains of CT26-CL25 and 4T1 tumors in addition to inhibited tumor perfusion measured by dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. VEGF121/rGel-PCI showed antitumor efficacy in two aggressive in vivomodels (CT26-CL25 and 4T1). An immune-mediated effect was, however, indicated as a prerequisite for complete remission as visualized by the differences in overall treatment response between immunocompetent and athymic mice. In conclusion, the present report indicate VEGF121/rGel –PCI as a treatment modality with multimodal tumor targeted efficacy that should be further developed towards clinicalutilization. 

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