Dag Berild "Researcher of the Month" for July 2018

Dag Berili (photo: Elin B. Øvrebø)

Dag Berild, head of the "Study group for rational antibiotic use" at the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Division of Medicine was appointed "Researcher of the Month" for July 2018 by the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst RHF).

Antibiotic resistance is now one of the biggest threats to public health in the world. Dag Berild was among the first to warn against the wrong use of antibiotics.
Berild's research activities is presented in a feature article published on the home page of Helse Sør-Øst.



From the home page of Helse Sør-Øst (article in Norwegian):
Kjemper for riktig bruk av mirakelmedisinen antibiotika, by Elin B. Øvrebø, OUS.
(translated to: "Fighting for the proper use of miracle medicine antibiotics"). 

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