Cancer study led by OUH scientists presented by major national newspaper VG

From left: Ree, Mælandsmo and Flatmark. (photo: Gøran Bohlin, VG)

The national newspaper VG (Norway's largest news source) presented a research project led by Anne Hansen Ree, Gunhild Mælandsmo, Hege Russnes and Kjersti Flatmark in a comprehensive feature article published on April 2nd, entitled (translated to) "Norwegian researchers with a new breakthrough: Special treatment provides hope for cancer patients".


Feature article in VG, April 2nd 2018:
Norske forskere med nytt gjennombrudd: Spesialbehandling gir håp for kreftpasienter

Home page of Gunhild Mælandsmo's group: 
Metastasis Biology and Experimental Therapeutics

Home page of Hege Russnes's group:
Genomic alterations in breast cancer with impact on prognosis, therapy prediction and clinical follow-up

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Translational Cancer Therapy

Department of Tumor Biology

Department of Cancer Genetics

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