Scientists from the Research Institute of Internal Medicine receive funding from ERA-Net

From left: Arne Yndestad, Pål Aukrust and Bente Halvorsen

Professor Pål Aukrust has together with senior scientist dr. Arne Yndestad and professor Bente Halvorsen received ERA-NET funding on cardiovascular diseases (ERA-CVD). All three scientists are affiliated Research Institute of Internal Medicine at the Division of Surgery, Inflammatory Medicine and Transplantation (“KIT”), Oslo University Hospital and Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo.

The funding, amounting to 2.4 mill NOK over a period of three years, is based on a collaborative project with professor Joachim Schultze, Bonn, Germany, professor Michael Sieweki, Marseille, France, and professor Erik A Biessen, Maastricht, The Netherlands, who is heading the consortium. The project named AtheroMacHete (Atherosclerosis Macrophage Heterogeneity study) will particular focus on intra plaque macrophage heterogeneity in patients with atherosclerotic disorders and experimental model systems.

The newly established European Research Area Network (ERA-Net) on cardiovascular diseases (ERA-CVD) aims to coordinate national and regional programmes for translational research in the area of cardiovascular diseases by implementing Joint Transnational Calls (JTCs). The JTCs have the specific goal of fostering new but also extending existing transnational cooperation of European countries on CVD research.


Pål Aukrust's research

Arne Yndestad's group - Immunological and Molecular Mechanisms in Myocardial Remodeling and Heart Failure

Bente Halvorsen's group - Inflammatory and Molecular Mechanisms in Atherosclerosis and Related Metabolic Disorders

Research Institute of Internal Medicine

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