Invitation to seminar March 3rd 12:00 Olav Thon Foundation's International Prize and Research Awardees 2016

From left: Jean-Pierre Changeux, Maiken Nedergaard, Menno P. Witter and Lene Juel Rasmussen.

A unique seminar with the Olav Thon Foundation's International Research Awardees for Mathematics and Natural Science and Medicine 2016 will be held at 3 March 12:00 PM - 02:45 PM at Domus Medica 4 at Gaustad. Talks on brain research will be held by International Research Prize winner Jean-Pierre Changeux and Research Awardees Maiken Nedergaard, Menno P. Witter and Lene Juel Rasmussen.

Please register before 19. February by using this link.

The auditorium Runde auditorium has a maximum capacity of 199 people, and we will serve you food and drink in the lunch break.
On behalf of the Healthy Brain Ageing Centre (HBAC), UiO and OUS, Erlend A. Nagelhus  / Tone Tønjum.

The Olav Thon Foundation, HBAC, NORBRAIN-UiO, Genome Dynamics Group, UiO, Genome Dynamics Group, OUS and Glia Group

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