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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2013 from OUS - Department of Neonatal Intensive Care

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Alvik A, Aalen OO, Lindemann R (2013)
Early fetal binge alcohol exposure predicts high behavioral symptom scores in 5.5-year-old children
Alcohol Clin Exp Res, 37 (11), 1954-62
PubMed 23888929

Eriksen BH, Husebekk A, Fugelseth D, Salberg KR, Lindemann R (2013)
A newborn with petechiae
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (7), 761-4
PubMed 23588181

Eriksen BH, Nestaas E, Hole T, Liestøl K, Støylen A, Fugelseth D (2013)
Myocardial function in premature infants: a longitudinal observational study
BMJ Open, 3 (3)
PubMed 23533215

Eriksen BH, Nestaas E, Hole T, Liestøl K, Støylen A, Fugelseth D (2013)
Longitudinal assessment of atrioventricular annulus excursion by grey-scale m-mode and colour tissue Doppler imaging in premature infants
Early Hum Dev, 89 (12), 977-82
PubMed 24080390

Hansen TW, Janvier A, Aasland O, Førde R (2013)
Ethics, choices, and decisions in acute medicine: a national survey of Norwegian physicians' attitudes
Pediatr Crit Care Med, 14 (2), e63-9
PubMed 23388577

Haukland LU, Kutzsche S, Hovden IA, Stiris T (2013)
Neonatal seizures with reversible EEG changes after antenatal venlafaxine exposure
Acta Paediatr, 102 (11), e524-6
PubMed 23909790

Kutzsche S, Partridge JC, Leuthner SR, Lantos JD (2013)
When life-sustaining treatment is withdrawn and the patient doesn't die
Pediatrics, 132 (5), 893-7
PubMed 24101767

Kynø NM, Ravn IH, Lindemann R, Smeby NA, Torgersen AM, Gundersen T (2013)
Parents of preterm-born children; sources of stress and worry and experiences with an early intervention programme - a qualitative study
BMC Nurs, 12 (1), 28
PubMed 24313957

Lee A, Nestaas E, Liestøl K, Brunvand L, Lindemann R, Fugelseth D (2013)
Tissue Doppler imaging in very preterm infants during the first 24 h of life: an observational study
Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed, 99 (1), F64-9
PubMed 24048254

Mitra S, Rønnestad A, Holmstrøm H (2013)
Management of patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants--where do we stand?
Congenit Heart Dis, 8 (6), 500-12
PubMed 24127861

Ravenscroft G, Miyatake S, Lehtokari VL, Todd EJ, Vornanen P, Yau KS, Hayashi YK, Miyake N, Tsurusaki Y, Doi H, Saitsu H, Osaka H, Yamashita S, Ohya T, Sakamoto Y, Koshimizu E, Imamura S, Yamashita M, Ogata K, Shiina M, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Vaz R, Ceyhan O, Brownstein CA, Swanson LC et al. (2013)
Mutations in KLHL40 are a frequent cause of severe autosomal-recessive nemaline myopathy
Am J Hum Genet, 93 (1), 6-18
PubMed 23746549

Solberg MT, Bjørk IT, Hansen TW (2013)
Adherence to oxygenation and ventilation targets in mechanically ventilated premature and sick newborns: a retrospective study
BMC Pediatr, 13, 126
PubMed 23957599