Application deadline - May 31st 2023 New call from National program for clinical therapy research in the specialist health service

A new call has been made for research funds from the National Program for Clinical Treatment Research in the Specialist Health Service (KLINBEFORSK). The regional health organizations announce about NOK 180 million for national clinical treatment studies in 2023.
For all applications, there are requirements for participation from clinical research environments in all health regions, provision for equal access for patients nationally and user participation.
In this year's call, priority will be given to applications within clinical treatment research for rare diseases.

Application deadline - May 31st 2023 4.00 PM

Please note that KLINBEFORSK welcomes studies using new study designs to facilitate personalized medicine and conduct decentralized clinical studies.

In line with the National strategy for personalized medicine 2023-2030, applications for program funds from KLINBEFORSK must include and explain the use of exploratory markers for stratification and personalization where relevant.

Particular attention is drawn to the following requirements for the application:

  • The application's project description and all attachments must be written in English. See also requirements for the project description as described under guidelines. The applications must comply with these framework conditions with regard to duration, maximum amount of support, budget elements, etc.
  • The project must be led by an application-eligible institution with roots in the institution's research management.
  • The project must include user participation and collaboration partners in all four health regions from at least one of the specified institutions eligible for application. Collaboration partners must be listed in the application form.
  • Arrangements must be made for the inclusion of patients from all health regions.
  • The application must be accompanied by a CV with a list of publications for the project manager and key collaboration partners from each of the three other regions (max. 5 pages per participant)

All applications to KLINBEFORSK must be submitted through the application portal eSøknad.
See the entire announcement at: (in Norwegian)

NB! If there is a need for assistance from administrative research support ( in connection with the application, then we must be contacted no later than April 15th due to reduced capacity for a period.

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