Biomedical research at Oslo University Hospital

Oslo University Hospital is a merger of three former university hospitals in Oslo. Biomedical research is one of the hospital's core activities. Research at the hospital is closely interlinked with research undertaken at the University of Oslo. More than 50% of all biomedical research in Norway is published by researchers affiliated with the hospital. Research undertaken cover both basic research, translational research, and clinical research.

Oslo University Hospital has a central role in developing and supporting biomedical research within the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority. The hospital also pursues international research collaborations.

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Summary of publications:

Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2015 from OUS - Department of Neonatal Intensive Care

12 publications found

Fjørtoft T, Evensen KAI, Øberg GK, Songstad NT, Labori C, Silberg IE, Loennecken M, Møinichen UI, Vågen R, Støen R, Adde L (2015)
High prevalence of abnormal motor repertoire at 3 months corrected age in extremely preterm infants
Eur J Paediatr Neurol, 20 (2), 236-242
DOI 10.1016/j.ejpn.2015.12.009, PubMed 26786751

Fredly S, Fugelseth D, Wester T, Häggblad E, Kvernebo K (2015)
Skin microcirculation in healthy term newborn infants--assessment of morphology, perfusion and oxygenation
Clin Hemorheol Microcirc, 59 (4), 309-22
DOI 10.3233/CH-131764, PubMed 24002120

Guillén Ú, Weiss EM, Munson D, Maton P, Jefferies A, Norman M, Naulaers G, Mendes J, Justo da Silva L, Zoban P, Hansen TW, Hallman M, Delivoria-Papadopoulos M, Hosono S, Albersheim SG, Williams C, Boyle E, Lui K, Darlow B, Kirpalani H (2015)
Guidelines for the Management of Extremely Premature Deliveries: A Systematic Review
Pediatrics, 136 (2), 343-50
DOI 10.1542/peds.2015-0542, PubMed 26169424

Helmer C, Skranes JH, Liestøl K, Fugelseth D (2015)
Using adrenaline during neonatal resuscitation may have an impact on serum cardiac troponin-T levels
Acta Paediatr, 104 (9), e378-83
DOI 10.1111/apa.13055, PubMed 26032882

Horn D, Prescott T, Houge G, Brække K, Rosendahl K, Nishimura G, FitzPatrick DR, Spranger J (2015)
A Novel Oculo-Skeletal syndrome with intellectual disability caused by a particular MAB21L2 mutation
Eur J Med Genet, 58 (8), 387-91
DOI 10.1016/j.ejmg.2015.06.003, PubMed 26116559

Knudsen LM, Moen A (2015)
Practical planning to maintain premature infants' safety during magnetic resonance imaging: a systematic review
Adv Neonatal Care, 15 (1), 23-37; quiz E1-2
DOI 10.1097/ANC.0000000000000142, PubMed 25626980

Mreihil K, Madsen P, Nakstad B, Benth JŠ, Ebbesen F, Hansen TW (2015)
Early formation of bilirubin isomers during phototherapy for neonatal jaundice: effects of single vs. double fluorescent lamps vs. photodiodes
Pediatr Res, 78 (1), 56-62
DOI 10.1038/pr.2015.61, PubMed 25794186

Schumacher EM, Stiris TA, Larsson PG (2015)
Effective connectivity in long-term EEG monitoring in preterm infants
Clin Neurophysiol, 126 (12), 2261-8
DOI 10.1016/j.clinph.2015.01.017, PubMed 25735477

Sidaly R, Risnes S, Khan QE, Stiris T, Sehic A (2015)
The effect of hypoxia on the formation of mouse incisor enamel
Arch Oral Biol, 60 (11), 1601-12
DOI 10.1016/j.archoralbio.2015.08.009, PubMed 26351741

Skranes JH, Cowan FM, Stiris T, Fugelseth D, Thoresen M, Server A (2015)
Brain imaging in cooled encephalopathic neonates does not differ between four and 11 days after birth
Acta Paediatr, 104 (8), 752-8
DOI 10.1111/apa.13016, PubMed 25824694

Solberg MT, Hansen TW, Bjørk IT (2015)
The need for predictability in coordination of ventilator treatment of newborn infants--a qualitative study
Intensive Crit Care Nurs, 31 (4), 205-12
DOI 10.1016/j.iccn.2014.12.003, PubMed 25617081

Stensvold HJ, Strommen K, Lang AM, Abrahamsen TG, Steen EK, Pripp AH, Ronnestad AE (2015)
Early Enhanced Parenteral Nutrition, Hyperglycemia, and Death Among Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants
JAMA Pediatr, 169 (11), 1003-10
DOI 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2015.1667, PubMed 26348113

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