Ceremony Friday November 15th: Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2019 to Karl-Johan Malmberg

Karl Johan Malmberg from the Department of Cancer Immunology at Institute for Cancer Research has received Dr. Ragnar Mørk's Prize 2019 for his excellent research on natural killer (NK) cells. Malmberg's research has improved our understanding of how NK cells are activated, which opens new possibilities for using NK cells in cancer immunotherapy. Malmberg is currently exploring this concept in ongoing clinical trials.

The prize was awarded on Friday 15th November in the Research building at Montebello. Malmberg gav a prize lecture by Malmberg, followed by a simple reception with coffee/tea, cakes and fruit.

From the ceremony. Photos: Chema Bassols.

Malmberg with Harald A. Stenmark (right) and Carl Rieber-Mohn, board leder of the Ragnar Mørk legacy.
Malmberg with Kjetil Taskén, Institute head


Home page of Karl-Erik Malmberg's group:Natural Killer Cell Biology and Cell Therapy

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