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CLL-CLUE: Tailoring the targeted treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Funded by: The European Commission, ERA PerMed
Abstract: Chronic  lymphocytic  leukemia  (CLL)  is  the  most  common  form  of  leukemia  in  Europe  and  it  remains  incurable.  Targeted  therapies  have revolutionized the treatment of CLL. However, many patients develop  resistance,  have  severe  side  effects  or  relapse  during  treatment.  There  is  an  unmet  medical  need  for  tailoring  optimal  therapy  for  each  patient  in  order  to  prevent  ineffective  treatment  and  toxic  side  effects.  The  CLL-CLUE  project  will  identify  multi-omics biomarker panels and implement artificial intelligence-based clinical  decision  support  systems  to  guide  personalised  treatment  decisions. We expect that this will lead to significantly increased treatment efficacy, individualisation of therapy and reduced drug use  and  side  effects.  In  addition,  reduced  consumption  of  drugs  and  cost-effective  outcomes  will  lower  financial  stress  that  the health care providers and patients experience.


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The CLL-CLUE consortium:

Sigrid S. Skånland (Oslo University Hospital, Norway)

Tero Aittokallio (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Barbara Eichhorst (University Hospital of Cologne, Germany)
Carsten Utoft Niemann (Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark)
Thorsten Zenz (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
László Zsombor Lorenzovici (Syreon Research Romania SRL, Romania)

The project is funded with 1.5 million Euro, and will run over three years.


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