Updated: King Olav V´s Cancer Research Prize for 2018 to Vessela Kristensen

Vessela Kristensen (Photo: Nicki Twang)
Vessela Kristensen (Photo: Nicki Twang)

King Olav V's cancer research award for 2018 went to professor Vessela Kristensen, head of the Cancer Genome Variation Group at the Department of Cancer Genetics at the Institute for Cancer Research.

The prestigious prize was handed over by HM Kong Harald V on behalf of the Norwegian Cancer Society in Oslo on April 16th. 

New: The Norwegian Cancer Society has recently published a feature article about Vessela Kristensen and her research.

Kristensen's research is innovative and enjoys great respect, both nationally and internationally. Her group is working on different projects related to how genetic variation affects occurrence of somatic alterations, gene expression patterns and genome wide copy number alterations in human breast and ovarian tumors.


From the home page of the Norwegian Cancer Society (in Norwegian):

Newly published:
Kong Olav Vs kreftforskningspris 2018 (feature article)

Kong Olavs Vs kreftforskningspris til brystkreftforsker

Home page of Vessela N. Kristensen's group:
Cancer Genome Variation

Department of Cancer Genetics

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