Welcome to Nina Iversen’s project group: Functional Genomics in Coagulation and Cancer

Nina Iversen, Senior scientist PhD, 
project group leader
Nina Iversen, Senior scientist PhD, project group leader

Our work is to get a better understanding of the connection between the coagulation system and cancer development with a special focus on coagulation factor V (FV). The connection between cancer and increased risk of thrombosis is well established. Thrombosis is the second leading cause of death after the cancer itself. Cancer progression has been linked with deregulation and cell-signalling of coagulation factors. And tumour cells have been reported to directly activate the haemostatic system by producing procoagulants and microparticles. Thus, studying the role and regulation of coagulation factors associated with cancer may provide important insights in cancer development and treatment response.

Research projects overview

  • The role of the Coagulome as a prognostic and predictive factor in breast cancer. 
  • Cancer and coagulation: Role of coagulation factor V as a novel tumor suppressor in breast cancer. 
  • The role of coagulation factors in immune tumor microenvironment. 
  • Identify regulators of the coagulation factors in cancer (micro RNA and transcription factors). 
  • From genotype to molecular mechanism in rare inherited coagulation disorders.

Contact information
Nina Iversenuxnaiv@ous-hf.no, tlf 23016647/92834909
Visiting /postal address: Dept. Medical Genetics, Building 25, 1st floor (North), Ullevål Hospital, Kirkeveien 166, 0450 Oslo