Nature Communications publication:Pan-cancer analysis of homozygous deletions in primary tumours uncovers rare tumour suppressors

From left: Jiqui Cheng, Hege Russnes, Ole Chr. Lingjærde and Peter Van Loo
From left: Jiqui Cheng, Hege Russnes, Ole Chr. Lingjærde and Peter Van Loo

The authors demonstrate the power of meta-analysis to identify rare somatic variants in cancer, and they identify several copy number alterations of potential importance for tumor development in those affected. The paper contributes to the understanding of the diversity of evolutionary processes in cancer.
The study, published online in Nature Communications on 31 October, is collaboration between OUS, UiO and several international partners. First author Jiqiu Cheng from the Hege Russnes group at the Department of Cancer Genetics at the Institute for Cancer Research. The senior author of the paper is Peter Van Loo at the Francis Crick Institute in UK.


Nature Communications publication:A study of the epigenetics of breast cancer provides clues to mechanisms behind subtypes of the disease

Photo: Daniel Nebdal.
(image capiton under "More")
Photo: Daniel Nebdal.
(image capiton under "More")

Thomas Fleischer and Xavier Tekpli from the Cancer Genome Variation group,  lead by Vessela Kristensen at the Department of Cancer Genetics, IKF, together with their collaborators from the NCMM, Toni Hurtado and Anthony Mathelier, and Professor Arnoldo Frigessi from UiO identified methylated regions (CpGs) that show remarkably and reproducibly conserved patterns of association to gene expression in the DNA from breast tumors in three independent breast cancer cohorts. These patterns result in two main signatures (clusters), one reflecting infiltrating immune cell signatures and another related to estrogen receptor signalling. These results indicate that, in at least some forms of cancer, aberrant DNA methylation occurs not as chaotic stochastic process but is precisely regulated. 
The results were published online in Nature Communications November 9th .


"Science" article from Johanna Olweus's group highlighted by editorial in New England Journal of Medicine

Figure from the editorial
Figure from the editorial

The article "Targeting of cancer neoantigens with donor-derived T cell receptor repertoires" by Erlend Strønen et al, published in Science in June 2016, is highlighted by an editorial in the "Clinical Implications of Basic Research" section in the Feb 2nd edition of New England Journal of Medicine.

The editorial is entitled "The Antigenicity of the Tumor Cell — Context Matters".


CNN coverage:Major study of genetics of breast cancer provides clues to mechanisms behind the disease

As part of the Oslo Breast Cancer Consortium (OSBREAC), surgeons, oncologist and Scientists from OUS have participated in the analysis of genetic data from 275,000 women, of whom 146,000 had been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Seventy-two new genetic variants that contribute to the risk of developing breast cancer have been identified by a major international collaboration involving hundreds of researchers worldwide.
Of these variants, reported October 23rd in the journals Nature and Nature Genetics, 65 are common variants that predispose to breast cancer and a further seven predispose specifically to oestrogen-receptor negative breast cancer – the subset of cases that do not respond to hormonal therapies.
The findings are the result of work by the OncoArray Consortium, a huge endeavour involving 550 researchers from around 300 different institutions in six continents of which OSBREAC is a part of.
The Principle Investigator of the Norwegian part of the study is professor Vessela N. Kristensen from the Department of Cancer Genetics at the Institute for Cancer Research.
The studies are covered by world-wide media channels, such as CNN.


Kristensen and Børresen-Dale co-author article published in Nature Review Cancer

Kristensen and Brresen- Dale, first and last author

Scientists from the Department of Genetics, Institute for Cancer Research and the KG Jebsen Center for Breast Cancer Research, Department of Biostatistics , Faculty of Medicine and Institute for Informatics, University in Oslo have published an article in the prestigious journal Nature Review Cancer (impact factor 35), entitled "Principles and methods of integrative genomic analyses in cancer".
The authors discuss how combined analyses of molecular data, such as DNA copy-number alteration, mRNA and protein expression, may point to biological functions and molecular pathways being deregulated in multiple cancers and can be used to identify novel patient subgroups for tailored therapy and monitoring.

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