Division of Laboratory Medicine

The Division of Laboratory Medicine has 64 research groups with a portfolio that spans from basic medical research and translational research to clinical studies. The Division hosts three KG Jebsen centres for medical research, and participates in Centres for excellent research. Our researchers run several innovation projects.

Head of department: Andreas Matussek
Head of research: Lars Eide

We aim for a full integration between the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital in the research groups.

The division's research strategy can be seen here.

To learn more about the individual research groups and their projects, please click on one of the seven respective departmental Head of research.

Departments, with heads of research of the respective units

Immunology Medical Biochemistry  Medical Genetics
Ludvig Munthe
Jens Petter Berg
Vessela N. Kristensen
Microbiology Pathology Pharmacology
Hilde Loge Nilsen
Frode Jahnsen
Finn Olav Levy
   Forensic Sciences  
Gudrun Høiseth