Regulation of cardiac signalling

Lise Román MoltzauGroup leader
Lise Román Moltzau
Group leader

The research group studies cyclic nucleotide signalling causing different functional effects in the heart and the regulation of this signalling and function by different proteins such as phosphodiesterases and interacting proteins. The group has a special focus on the mechanisms and effects of natriuretic peptides and cGMP-mediated signalling with the aim of providing the scientific basis for novel approaches to pharmacological treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In this process, the group is also screening for and developing ligands targeting proteins in the signalling pathway with the ambition to treat cardiovascular diseases.


  • CyTOheart: Cytohesins in the heart – regulation of natriuretic peptide signaling
  • Novel therapy for treatment-resistant hypertension
  • Mechanism of action of novel NPR-A activators for treatment of cardiovascular diseases 
  • Effects of natriuretic peptides and phosphodiesterases on contractility 
  • Natriuretic peptides and cardiac mitochondrial function