Institute seminars - spring season 2010

Time: Wednesdays at 10.30, in the Auditorium, New Research Building

Date Speaker
 Title Department
Jan 13 Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale Exploring the systems pathology/ biology of breast cancer Genetics
Jan 20  Harald Stenmark A lipid kinase complex and its role in tumour suppression Biochemistry
Jan 27  Kristian Berg From bench to bedside with a novel technology for site-specific drug delivery Radiation Biology
Feb 3  Erik Boye Cell-cycle control in eukaryotes Cell Biology
Feb 10  Ragnhild A. Lothe cancelled Cancer Prevention
Feb 17  Ola Myklebost Mesenchymal biology and cancer Tumor Biology
Mar 3  Kirsten Sandvig Protein toxins from plants and bacteria: Probes for intracellular transport and tools in medicine Biochemistry
Mar 10  Gustav Gaudernack Cancer immunotherapy: From bench to bedside and from mutant ras to cancer stem cells Immunology
Mar 17  Lars O. Baumbusch Molecular signatures of disseminated tumor cells in breast cancer Genetics
Mar 24  Kirsten Skarstad DNA replication and genome stability Cell Biology
Apr 7  Trond Stokke B-cell Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas - from in vivo genotypes to cell cycle arrest phenotypes in vitro Radiation Biology
Apr 14  Edgar Rivedal Cell communication in colorectal cancer Cancer Prevention
Apr 21  Andreas Brech Autophagy in cancer Biochemistry
Apr 28  Eivind Hovig Large scale bioinformatics. Gene therapy in a systems biology setting Tumor Biology
May 5  Johanna Olweus   Immunology
May 12  Hiroko K. Solvang Beyond linearity in the relationship between DNA copy number aberration and mRNA expression in Breast Cancer Genetics
May 19  Jostein Dahle Targeted therapy of cancer with alpha and beta-emitting radioimmunoconjugates Radiation Biology
May 26  Per Seglen Autophagy Cell Biology
Jun 4
 Tor Erik Rusten   Biochemistry
Jun 9  Gunhild Mælandsmo   Tumor Biology
Jun 16  Rolf I. Skotheim   Cancer Prevention

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The organizers of Institute seminars: Beata Grallert and Sebastian Patzke


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