Institute seminar April 28 10.30 Eivind Hovig

E. Hovig
E. Hovig

The institute seminar on Wednesday April 28 is given by Eivind Hovig from the Department of Tumor Biology

Title of his talk: Large scale bioinformatics. Gene therapy in a systems biology setting.

The seminar takes place in Auditorium (New Research Building Montebello) and starts at 10:30.


The presentation will center around two seemingly disparate topics, those of the lab and those of computations, that will eventually merge. Increasingly, bioinformatics is necessary to handle the wealth of genomic data being generated, and the multitude of interdependencies of complex biological systems require computation for intelligent handling. Algorithmic and tool developments will be presented with an emphasis on chromatin, mutation analysis and immune information. A goal in a clinically oriented lab setting is the ability to predictably be able to manipulate expression for desired effects. Gene therapy approaches with systems biology modeling in melanoma will be presented. Also, the abilities of the core facilities of bioinformatics and genotyping will be presented.


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