Tor Espen Thorvaldsen
Position: Postdoc (Helse Sør-øst)
Phone: +47 22 78 14 92


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Publications 2017

Thorvaldsen TE (2017)
Targeting Tankyrase to Fight WNT-dependent Tumours
Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol, 121 (2), 81-88
PubMed 28371398

Thorvaldsen TE, Pedersen NM, Wenzel EM, Stenmark H (2017)
Differential Roles of AXIN1 and AXIN2 in Tankyrase Inhibitor-Induced Formation of Degradasomes and β-Catenin Degradation
PLoS One, 12 (1), e0170508
PubMed 28107521

Publications 2016

Pedersen NM, Thorvaldsen TE, Schultz SW, Wenzel EM, Stenmark H (2016)
Formation of Tankyrase Inhibitor-Induced Degradasomes Requires Proteasome Activity
PLoS One, 11 (8), e0160507
PubMed 27482906

Publications 2015

Thorvaldsen TE, Pedersen NM, Wenzel EM, Schultz SW, Brech A, Liestøl K, Waaler J, Krauss S, Stenmark H (2015)
Structure, Dynamics, and Functionality of Tankyrase Inhibitor-Induced Degradasomes
Mol Cancer Res, 13 (11), 1487-501
PubMed 26124443

Publications 2012

Thorvaldsen TE, Nødtvedt A, Grotmol T, Gunnes G (2012)
Morphological and immunohistochemical characterisation of seminomas in Norwegian dogs
Acta Vet Scand, 54, 52
PubMed 22986090