Kaisa Haglund
Position: Project Leader, Senior Scientist (Helse Sør-øst)
Phone: +47 22 78 19 24


Kaisa is in charge of the project Cytokinesis in development and carcinogenesis

From the news:

Kaisa Haglund receives the Jahre prize for young medical researchers

Kaisa identifies novel regulator of cytokinesis


Publications 2016

Lie-Jensen A, Haglund K (2016)
Antibody Staining in Drosophila Germaria
Methods Mol Biol, 1457, 19-33
PubMed 27557571

Sundvold H, Sundvold-Gjerstad V, Malerød-Fjeld H, Haglund K, Stenmark H, Malerød L (2016)
Arv1 promotes cell division by recruiting IQGAP1 and myosin to the cleavage furrow
Cell Cycle, 15 (5), 628-43
PubMed 27104745

Publications 2015

Eikenes ÅH, Malerød L, Christensen AL, Steen CB, Mathieu J, Nezis IP, Liestøl K, Huynh JR, Stenmark H, Haglund K (2015)
ALIX and ESCRT-III coordinately control cytokinetic abscission during germline stem cell division in vivo
PLoS Genet, 11 (1), e1004904
PubMed 25635693

Eikenes ÅH, Malerød L, Lie-Jensen A, Sem Wegner C, Brech A, Liestøl K, Stenmark H, Haglund K (2015)
Src64 controls a novel actin network required for proper ring canal formation in the Drosophila male germline
Development, 142 (23), 4107-18
PubMed 26628094

Publications 2014

Demarco RS, Eikenes ÅH, Haglund K, Jones DL (2014)
Investigating spermatogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Methods, 68 (1), 218-27
PubMed 24798812

Publications 2013

Eikenes ÅH, Brech A, Stenmark H, Haglund K (2013)
Spatiotemporal control of Cindr at ring canals during incomplete cytokinesis in the Drosophila male germline
Dev Biol, 377 (1), 9-20
PubMed 23499247

Publications 2012

Haglund K, Dikic I (2012)
The role of ubiquitylation in receptor endocytosis and endosomal sorting
J Cell Sci, 125 (Pt 2), 265-75
PubMed 22357968

Oppelt A, Lobert VH, Haglund K, Mackey AM, Rameh LE, Liestøl K, Schink KO, Pedersen NM, Wenzel EM, Haugsten EM, Brech A, Rusten TE, Stenmark H, Wesche J (2012)
Production of phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate via PIKfyve and MTMR3 regulates cell migration
EMBO Rep, 14 (1), 57-64
PubMed 23154468

Publications 2011

Haglund K, Nezis IP, Stenmark H (2011)
Structure and functions of stable intercellular bridges formed by incomplete cytokinesis during development
Commun Integr Biol, 4 (1), 1-9
PubMed 21509167

Sagona AP, Nezis IP, Bache KG, Haglund K, Bakken AC, Skotheim RI, Stenmark H (2011)
A tumor-associated mutation of FYVE-CENT prevents its interaction with Beclin 1 and interferes with cytokinesis
PLoS One, 6 (3), e17086
PubMed 21455500

Takahashi Y, Shimokawa N, Esmaeili-Mahani S, Morita A, Masuda H, Iwasaki T, Tamura J, Haglund K, Koibuchi N (2011)
Ligand-induced downregulation of TrkA is partly regulated through ubiquitination by Cbl
FEBS Lett, 585 (12), 1741-7
PubMed 21570973

Wesche J, Haglund K, Haugsten EM (2011)
Fibroblast growth factors and their receptors in cancer
Biochem J, 437 (2), 199-213
PubMed 21711248

Publications 2010

Haglund K, Nezis IP, Lemus D, Grabbe C, Wesche J, Liestøl K, Dikic I, Palmer R, Stenmark H (2010)
Cindr interacts with anillin to control cytokinesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Curr Biol, 20 (10), 944-50
PubMed 20451383

Shimokawa N, Haglund K, Hölter SM, Grabbe C, Kirkin V, Koibuchi N, Schultz C, Rozman J, Hoeller D, Qiu CH, Londoño MB, Ikezawa J, Jedlicka P, Stein B, Schwarzacher SW, Wolfer DP, Ehrhardt N, Heuchel R, Nezis I, Brech A, Schmidt MH, Fuchs H, Gailus-Durner V, Klingenspor M, Bogler O et al. (2010)
CIN85 regulates dopamine receptor endocytosis and governs behaviour in mice
EMBO J, 29 (14), 2421-32
PubMed 20551902

Publications 2009

Rodahl LM, Haglund K, Sem-Jacobsen C, Wendler F, Vincent JP, Lindmo K, Rusten TE, Stenmark H (2009)
Disruption of Vps4 and JNK function in Drosophila causes tumour growth
PLoS One, 4 (2), e4354
PubMed 19194501

Publications 2007

Haglund K, Rusten TE, Stenmark H (2007)
Aberrant receptor signaling and trafficking as mechanisms in oncogenesis
Crit Rev Oncog, 13 (1), 39-74
PubMed 17956217

Publications 2006

Haglund K, Stenmark H (2006)
Working out coupled monoubiquitination
Nat Cell Biol, 8 (11), 1218-9
PubMed 17077855

Hecker CM, Rabiller M, Haglund K, Bayer P, Dikic I (2006)
Specification of SUMO1- and SUMO2-interacting motifs
J Biol Chem, 281 (23), 16117-27
PubMed 16524884

Publications 2005

Haglund K, Dikic I (2005)
Ubiquitylation and cell signaling
EMBO J, 24 (19), 3353-9
PubMed 16148945

Haglund K, Schmidt MH, Wong ES, Guy GR, Dikic I (2005)
Sprouty2 acts at the Cbl/CIN85 interface to inhibit epidermal growth factor receptor downregulation
EMBO Rep, 6 (7), 635-41
PubMed 15962011

Publications 2004

Haglund K, Ivankovic-Dikic I, Shimokawa N, Kruh GD, Dikic I (2004)
Recruitment of Pyk2 and Cbl to lipid rafts mediates signals important for actin reorganization in growing neurites
J Cell Sci, 117 (Pt 12), 2557-68
PubMed 15128873

Kowanetz K, Crosetto N, Haglund K, Schmidt MH, Heldin CH, Dikic I (2004)
Suppressors of T-cell receptor signaling Sts-1 and Sts-2 bind to Cbl and inhibit endocytosis of receptor tyrosine kinases
J Biol Chem, 279 (31), 32786-95
PubMed 15159412

Publications 2003

Haglund K, Di Fiore PP, Dikic I (2003)
Distinct monoubiquitin signals in receptor endocytosis
Trends Biochem Sci, 28 (11), 598-603
PubMed 14607090

Haglund K, Sigismund S, Polo S, Szymkiewicz I, Di Fiore PP, Dikic I (2003)
Multiple monoubiquitination of RTKs is sufficient for their endocytosis and degradation
Nat Cell Biol, 5 (5), 461-6
PubMed 12717448

Kowanetz K, Szymkiewicz I, Haglund K, Kowanetz M, Husnjak K, Taylor JD, Soubeyran P, Engstrom U, Ladbury JE, Dikic I (2003)
Identification of a novel proline-arginine motif involved in CIN85-dependent clustering of Cbl and down-regulation of epidermal growth factor receptors
J Biol Chem, 278 (41), 39735-46
PubMed 12874286

Publications 2002

Haglund K, Shimokawa N, Szymkiewicz I, Dikic I (2002)
Cbl-directed monoubiquitination of CIN85 is involved in regulation of ligand-induced degradation of EGF receptors
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 99 (19), 12191-6
PubMed 12218189

Shimokawa N, Okada J, Haglund K, Dikic I, Koibuchi N, Miura M (2002)
Past-A, a novel proton-associated sugar transporter, regulates glucose homeostasis in the brain
J Neurosci, 22 (21), 9160-5
PubMed 12417639