Ellen Skarpen
Position: Scientist, core facility manager
Phone: +47 22 78 19 05


Ellen runs the Institute's core facility for confocal microscopy


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Publications 2016

Hildonen S, Skarpen E, Halvorsen TG, Reubsaet L (2016)
Isolation and mass spectrometry analysis of urinary extraexosomal proteins
Sci Rep, 6, 36331
PubMed 27805059

Publications 2015

Bull-Hansen B, Berstad MB, Berg K, Cao Y, Skarpen E, Fremstedal AS, Rosenblum MG, Peng Q, Weyergang A (2015)
Photochemical activation of MH3-B1/rGel: a HER2-targeted treatment approach for ovarian cancer
Oncotarget, 6 (14), 12436-51
PubMed 26002552

Chollet ME, Skarpen E, Iversen N, Sandset PM, Skretting G (2015)
The chemical chaperone sodium 4-phenylbutyrate improves the secretion of the protein CA267T mutant in CHO-K1 cells trough the GRASP55 pathway
Cell Biosci, 5, 57
PubMed 26457178

Theodossiou TA, Wälchli S, Olsen CE, Skarpen E, Berg K (2015)
Deciphering the Nongenomic, Mitochondrial Toxicity of Tamoxifens As Determined by Cell Metabolism and Redox Activity
ACS Chem Biol, 11 (1), 251-62
PubMed 26569462

Publications 2014

Bull-Hansen B, Cao Y, Berg K, Skarpen E, Rosenblum MG, Weyergang A (2014)
Photochemical activation of the recombinant HER2-targeted fusion toxin MH3-B1/rGel; Impact of HER2 expression on treatment outcome
J Control Release, 182, 58-66
PubMed 24637464

Lund K, Bostad M, Skarpen E, Braunagel M, Kiprijanov S, Krauss S, Duncan A, Høgset A, Selbo PK (2014)
The novel EpCAM-targeting monoclonal antibody 3-17I linked to saporin is highly cytotoxic after photochemical internalization in breast, pancreas and colon cancer cell lines
MAbs, 6 (4), 1038-50
PubMed 24525727

Publications 2013

Bostad M, Berg K, Høgset A, Skarpen E, Stenmark H, Selbo PK (2013)
Photochemical internalization (PCI) of immunotoxins targeting CD133 is specific and highly potent at femtomolar levels in cells with cancer stem cell properties
J Control Release, 168 (3), 317-26
PubMed 23567040

Flinder LI, Wierød L, Rosseland CM, Huitfeldt HS, Skarpen E (2013)
FAK regulates Cdk2 in EGF-stimulated primary cultures of hepatocytes
J Cell Physiol, 228 (6), 1304-13
PubMed 23168795

Liu S, Wierød L, Skarpen E, Grøsvik H, Duan G, Huitfeldt HS (2013)
EGF activates autocrine TGFα to induce prolonged egf receptor signaling and hepatocyte proliferation
Cell Physiol Biochem, 32 (3), 511-22
PubMed 24008581

Stratford EW, Bostad M, Castro R, Skarpen E, Berg K, Høgset A, Myklebost O, Selbo PK (2013)
Photochemical internalization of CD133-targeting immunotoxins efficiently depletes sarcoma cells with stem-like properties and reduces tumorigenicity
Biochim Biophys Acta, 1830 (8), 4235-43
PubMed 23643966

Publications 2012

Pedersen NM, Raiborg C, Brech A, Skarpen E, Roxrud I, Platta HW, Liestøl K, Stenmark H (2012)
The PtdIns3P-binding protein Phafin 2 mediates epidermal growth factor receptor degradation by promoting endosome fusion
Traffic, 13 (11), 1547-63
PubMed 22816767

Publications 2011

Flinder LI, Timofeeva OA, Rosseland CM, Wierød L, Huitfeldt HS, Skarpen E (2011)
EGF-induced ERK-activation downstream of FAK requires rac1-NADPH oxidase
J Cell Physiol, 226 (9), 2267-78
PubMed 21660950

Publications 2008

Oksvold MP, Funderud A, Kvissel AK, Skarpen E, Henanger H, Huitfeldt HS, Skålhegg BS, Ørstavik S (2008)
Epidermal growth factor receptor levels are reduced in mice with targeted disruption of the protein kinase A catalytic subunit
BMC Cell Biol, 9, 16
PubMed 18380891

Rosseland CM, Wierød L, Flinder LI, Oksvold MP, Skarpen E, Huitfeldt HS (2008)
Distinct functions of H-Ras and K-Ras in proliferation and survival of primary hepatocytes due to selective activation of ERK and PI3K
J Cell Physiol, 215 (3), 818-26
PubMed 18163378

Publications 2007

Skarpen E, Flinder LI, Rosseland CM, Orstavik S, Wierød L, Oksvold MP, Skålhegg BS, Huitfeldt HS (2007)
MEK1 and MEK2 regulate distinct functions by sorting ERK2 to different intracellular compartments
FASEB J, 22 (2), 466-76
PubMed 17928366

Wierød L, Rosseland CM, Lindeman B, Oksvold MP, Grøsvik H, Skarpen E, Huitfeldt HS (2007)
Activation of the p53-p21(Cip1) pathway is required for CDK2 activation and S-phase entry in primary rat hepatocytes
Oncogene, 27 (19), 2763-71
PubMed 18026139

Wierød L, Rosseland CM, Lindeman B, Oksvold MP, Grøsvik H, Skarpen E, Huitfeldt HS (2007)
CDK2 regulation through PI3K and CDK4 is necessary for cell cycle progression of primary rat hepatocytes
Cell Prolif, 40 (4), 475-87
PubMed 17635516

Publications 2006

Samuelsen JT, Schwarze PE, Huitfeldt HS, Thrane EV, Låg M, Refsnes M, Skarpen E, Becher R (2006)
Regulation of rat alveolar type 2 cell proliferation in vitro involves type II cAMP-dependent protein kinase
Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol, 292 (1), L232-9
PubMed 16980378

Publications 2005

Rosseland CM, Wierød L, Oksvold MP, Werner H, Ostvold AC, Thoresen GH, Paulsen RE, Huitfeldt HS, Skarpen E (2005)
Cytoplasmic retention of peroxide-activated ERK provides survival in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes
Hepatology, 42 (1), 200-7
PubMed 15962331

Skarpen E, Oksvold MP, Grøsvik H, Widnes C, Huitfeldt HS (2005)
Altered regulation of EGF receptor signaling following a partial hepatectomy
J Cell Physiol, 202 (3), 707-16
PubMed 15389569

Publications 2002

Oksvold MP, Huitfeldt HS, Østvold AC, Skarpen E (2002)
UV induces tyrosine kinase-independent internalisation and endosome arrest of the EGF receptor
J Cell Sci, 115 (Pt 4), 793-803
PubMed 11865035

Oksvold MP, Skarpen E, Widerberg J, Huitfeldt HS (2002)
Fluorescent histochemical techniques for analysis of intracellular signaling
J Histochem Cytochem, 50 (3), 289-303
PubMed 11850432

Publications 2001

Oksvold MP, Skarpen E, Wierød L, Paulsen RE, Huitfeldt HS (2001)
Re-localization of activated EGF receptor and its signal transducers to multivesicular compartments downstream of early endosomes in response to EGF
Eur J Cell Biol, 80 (4), 285-94
PubMed 11370743

Publications 2000

Lindeman B, Skarpen E, Oksvold MP, Huitfeldt HS (2000)
The carcinogen 2-acetylaminofluorene inhibits activation and nuclear accumulation of cyclin-dependent kinase 2 in growth-induced rat liver
Mol Carcinog, 27 (3), 190-9
PubMed 10708481

Låg M, Skarpen E, van Rozendaal BA, Haagsman HP, Huitfeldt HS, Thrane EV, Schwarze PE (2000)
Cell-specific expression of CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein delta (C/EBP delta) in epithelial lung cells
Exp Lung Res, 26 (5), 383-99
PubMed 10914335

Oksvold MP, Skarpen E, Lindeman B, Roos N, Huitfeldt HS (2000)
Immunocytochemical localization of Shc and activated EGF receptor in early endosomes after EGF stimulation of HeLa cells
J Histochem Cytochem, 48 (1), 21-33
PubMed 10653583

Skarpen E, Lindeman B, Thoresen GH, Guren TK, Oksvold MP, Christoffersen T, Huitfeldt HS (2000)
Impaired nuclear accumulation and shortened phosphorylation of ERK after growth factor stimulation in cultured hepatocytes from rats exposed to 2-acetylaminofluorene
Mol Carcinog, 28 (2), 84-96
PubMed 10900465

Publications 1999

Huitfeldt HS, Lindeman B, Skarpen E, Oksvold MP, Wierød L (1999)
[Why is dioxin harmful?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 119 (29), 4323-8
PubMed 10667131

Lindeman B, Skarpen E, Thoresen GH, Christoffersen T, Wierød L, Madshus IH, Huitfeldt HS (1999)
Alteration of G1 cell-cycle protein expression and induction of p53 but not p21/waf1 by the DNA-modifying carcinogen 2-acetylaminofluorene in growth-stimulated hepatocytes in vitro
Mol Carcinog, 24 (1), 36-46
PubMed 10029409

Publications 1998

Lindeman B, Skarpen E, Huitfeldt HS (1998)
Stress protein expression in rat liver during tumour promotion: induction of heat-shock protein 27 in hepatocytes exposed to 2-acetylaminofluorene
Carcinogenesis, 19 (9), 1559-63
PubMed 9771925

Skarpen E, Johannessen LE, Bjerk K, Fasteng H, Guren TK, Lindeman B, Thoresen GH, Christoffersen T, Stang E, Huitfeldt HS, Madshus IH (1998)
Endocytosed epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptors contribute to the EGF-mediated growth arrest in A431 cells by inducing a sustained increase in p21/CIP1
Exp Cell Res, 243 (1), 161-72
PubMed 9716460

Skarpen E, Thoresen GH, Taskén K, Samuelsen JT, Jahnsen T, Schwarze PE, Huitfeldt HS (1998)
Localization of cAMP-dependent signal transducers in early rat liver carcinogenesis
Histochem Cell Biol, 109 (3), 203-9
PubMed 9541468

Publications 1996

Huitfeldt HS, Skarpen E, Lindeman B, Becher R, Thrane EV, Schwarze PE (1996)
Differential distribution of Met and epidermal growth factor receptor in normal and carcinogen-treated rat liver
J Histochem Cytochem, 44 (3), 227-33
PubMed 8648082

Publications 1995

Huitfeldt HS, Skarpen E, Lindeman B, van Gijssel HE, Nyhus PA, Leyshon-Sørland K (1995)
Early cellular alterations in chemical liver carcinogenesis as addressed by immunohistochemical and molecular biological techniques
Arch Toxicol Suppl, 17, 547-53
PubMed 7786191

Skarpen E, Lindeman B, Thoresen GH, Låg M, Christoffersen T, Huitfeldt HS (1995)
CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) immunoreactivity during rat liver carcinogenesis
Histochem Cell Biol, 104 (4), 287-94
PubMed 8548562

Publications 1994

Huitfeldt HS, Heyden A, Skarpen E, Thrane EV, Schwarze PE (1994)
Gene activation studied by immunological methods
Environ Health Perspect, 102 Suppl 6, 205-7
PubMed 7889849