Research groups

The Center stands at 11 core member groups of which 5 (Brinchmann, Collas, Glover, Moskaug, Sullivan) are physically co-localized at Domus Medica, and 3 (Langmoen, Klungland, Bjørås) in close proximity (5 min walking distance) at OUS-Rikshospitalet. The other 3 core member groups are physically distant (Moe at OUS-Ullevål, Staerk at Forskningsparken and Kvalheim at OUS-Radiumhospital). Nevertheless, these group leaders and their groups participate regularly and actively in group leader meetings and other Center activities including courses, seminars and social events.

From 2016 the group has included 3 recruitment members:

Ragnhild Eskeland (PhD, Principal Investigator, Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo)
Adam Filipzcyk (Researcher, Department of Microbiology, OUS-Rikshospitalet)
Hanne Scholz (MSc, PhD, Head of Cell Transplantation Research and the Islet Isolation Facility Institute for Surgical Reaserch, OUS Rikshospitalet)


Overview of groups

Magnar Bjørås group

Jan E. Brinchmann group

Philippe Collas group

Joel Glover group

Arne Klungland group

Iver Langmoen group

Morten C. Moe group

Jan Øivind Moskaug group

Judith Staerk group

Gareth Sullivan group

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