Johanne Rinholm group

We make cerebral organoids from human iPS cells. The organoids are used in different research projects in our group:

  • Mechanisms of cell death and repair after ischemic injury: Here we use a combination of in vivo mouse models and human cerebral organoids. For the organoids, we have developed a protocol for in vitro ischemia. We use this protocol to test whether drugs found to improve brain function in mice after ischemic injury could also work in human neural tissue.
  • Lactate signaling in the human brain: Lactate signaling via the receptor HCAR1 can induce neurogenesis and brain tissue repair in mice. We use human cerebral organoids to test the role of lactate signaling in human neural tissue.

Model human neurodevelopmental disease: We collaborate with Prof. Magnar Bjørås (NTNU/OUS) to understand the role of Oxidation Resistance 1 (OXR1) in brain development and disease. In this project, organoids are made from iPS cells derived from patients and healthy controls.

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