Joel Glover group

The Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research comprises basic and clinical research groups located at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. Through synergy between basic and clinical science, the Center is actively promoting translational and clinical projects aimed at generating stem cell-based therapeutics. The Center maintains the Norwegian Core Facility for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells, a production, maintenance and characterization facility for human ES and iPS cells, and The Neuron Factory, a platform for the differentiation of diverse neuron types from human ES and iPS cells. The Center has also built up a tissue engineering platform involving the use of bioreactors and 3D cell printers for constructing and reconstructing human tissues and organs. Research aims include attaining a deeper understanding or the processes underlying cellular differentiation and tissue organization and the utilization of this knowledge to create rational disease treatments utilizing tissue and organ repair.


  • Human iPS cells for in vitro disease modeling and drug testing
  • Epigenetics and genome stability in stem cells
  • Stem cell differentiation (hES cells, hiPS cells, somatic stem cells)
  • Neural, mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells for tissue repair
  • Cancer stem cells
  • 3D tissue and organ construction and reconstruction
  • Clinical trials using human stem cells

Externally Funded Projects (selected, from Glover group)

  • iPS-ALS: Bridging from iPS cells to clinical trials for Norwegian ALS patients in an international setting (HSØ og Norsk ALS Støttegruppe)
  • NFR 251282 Targeted perturbation of perineuronal nets in specific neuron types to investigate adaptive plasticity after spinal cord injury
  • NFR-ERANET Non-invasive electrical stimulation of the cervical spinal cord to facilitate arm and hand functional re plasticity after spinal cord injury
  • UiO-Life Science: NeuroNano – development of nanocarriers for smal inhibitory RNA-based therapeutics

International Collaborations (selected, from Glover group)
Massimo Pasqualetti, University of Pisa
Helene Bras, University of Marseille
Susan Dymecki, Harvard University
Richard Kramer, UC Berkeley

Group Leader

Joel C. Glover
Department of Immunology
Tel: +47 22851230

Group Members
Magnar Bjørås
Jan Brinchmann
Philippe Collas
Joel C. Glover
Arne Klungland
Gunnar Kvalheim
Iver Langmoen
Morten Moe
Judith Staerk
Gareth Sullivan
Hanne Scholz
Ragnhild Eskeland
Adam Filipczyk


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