The FCCF provides flow cytometry analysis and sorting of cells, cell organelles, bacteria and other micro-particles based on light scatter or fluorescent markers. In addition, the node at Radiumhospitalet offers mass cytometry analysis of cell suspensions or imaging mass cytometry of tissue/cells on slides.






Online booking of the DIY instruments at Institute for Cancer Research (Radium/Montebello)

Contact at Montebello to become a user.(video presentation of the new booking system)

Online booking of the DIY instruments at Gaustad/Rikshospitalet

Contact Yan Zhang( at Gaustad to become a user.

For users at Ullevål, please contact Hans Christian Aass (phone 22119483). 


The facility staff will provide training and education of the users before they are allowed to run the cytometers themselves. Please contact your local facility staff if you have any questions related to the training program.


In addition to FACS DiVa and CellQuest Pro software for data acquisition on the flow cytometers, we have additional software for PC-based data analysis:
- FACS DiVa Software (Montebello, Gaustad, Ullevål)
- FlowJo (Gaustad, Montebello)

For cell cycle analysis:

- FlowJo (Gaustad and Montebello)
- ModFit Software (Montebello, Gaustad and Ullevål)
- Multicycle (Gaustad)

For imaging mass cytometry:

- HistoCAT (Montebello)
- Ilastik (Montebello)
- CellProfiler (Montebello)


The Flow Cytometry facility does not perform viable cell sorting on samples containing pathogens known to infect humans. Due to the fact that cell sorting generates aerosols and that cells are generally not submitted in any fixative, the biohazard risks are much greater than in analytical flow cytometry. It is therefore important to discuss any and all biohazard issues with the sort operator. BioSafety considerations also apply to the use of the analytical instruments, please discuss this with the core staff during your training.

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