Useful Flow Cytometry Links

NFCF was officially established in the summer of 2004 at the first Norwegian flow cytometry meeting held in Oslo in May 2003. NFCF aims to gather those using flow cytometry as a tool in their daily work, as well as those who want to gain more knowledge about the technology.

The webpage is essential for the society to reach their members and provide information of national meetings held by the NFCF as well as other flow cytometry meetings.  The also contains information of different flow cytometry tools, such as software and spectra viewers etc.

SpectraViewers and Panel Builder:

Tocris Spectra viewer (powered by FluoroFinder)

BD Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer for Multicolor Flow Cytometry

BioLegend Spectra Analyzer 

Life Technologies Fluorescence SpectraViewer

FluoroFinder Panel Design (Montebello instruments only - Institution listed for us is Oslo University)

Optimized Multicolor Immunophenotyping panels (OMIP) Cytometry A OMIPs Collection

Software Training:

BD Biosciences e-learning

Learn FlowJo | FlowJo

Flow cytometry introductions:

Molecular Probes Tutorial Series—Introduction to Flow Cytometry - YouTube

▶ Molecular Probes Tutorial Series—Analyzing Flow Cytometry Data - YouTube

Molecular Probes Tutorial Series—Introduction to Fluorescence - YouTube 

 ▶ Molecular Probes Tutorial Series— Anatomy of Fluorescence Spectra - YouTube 

Publications of Flow Cytometry data guidelines:

MIFlowCyt standard(NCBI)