Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2-E Yokogawa CSU-W1-SoRa spinning disk

The Nikon SoRa system is a Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2-E microscope equipped with a CSU-W1 spinning disk confocal unit (50 um pinhole size) and a SoRa microlensing disk for superresolution.

The system is equipped with two Prime BSI cameras (back-illuminated sCMOS) for sequential or two-color simultanous imaging.

The system is suitable for fixed as well as live sample imaging, and is equipped with a Okolab stage top incubator for temperature and CO2 control.

SoRa superresolution imaging is possible with 60x or 100x objective and can give a resolution of 120 nm in XY.

Available objectives:

  • 4x
  • 10x Air
  • 20x CorrectionCollar for upto 1,2 mm coverglass thickness
  • 25x Silicone immersion
  • 40x Air
  • 60xWI with automatic water immersion dispenser
  • 100x Oil immersion
  • 100x Silicone immersion 
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