LSM 880 Airyscan FAST

LSM 880 Airyscan FAST is a confocal microscope equipped with an Airyscan detector and FAST options. The airyscan detector gives possibilities for superresolution imaging with a resolution upto 1,7 times that of conventional confocal imaging. The airyscan detector also provides high sensitivity and can be combined with the FAST beam shaper to give fast and gentle live-cell imaging.

Laser lines: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561,  and 633 nm. Available objectives: 10x NA 0.45 DIC II (Plan-Apochromat), 20x NA 0.8 DIC II (Plan-Apochromat), 25x NA 0.8 (LD LCI Plan-Apochromat), 40x NA 1.2 Water Imm DIC III (C-Apochromat), 63x NA 1.4 oil DIC III (Plan-Apochromat). Definite focus 2 system. Temperature and CO2 controlled chamber.

Available imaging techniques:

  • Multicolor fluorescence confocal imaging
  • Two and Three-Dimensional Imaging (Z-stack)
  • Time Series (Live Imaging)
  • FRAP, FRET, Photoactivation
  • Airyscan superresolution
  • Airyscan FAST imaging
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