Nikon spinning disk SoRa

Our Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2-E microscope is equipped with a Yokogawa CSU-W1 confocal spinning disk, a SoRa disk for superresolution imaging, and is also equipped for widefield fluoresence imaging. The system has four lasers (405nm, 488 nm,561 nm, 640 nm), a solid state light engine (7 excitation bands), two highly sensitive and fast sCMOS cameras (PrimeBSI), and a selection of objectives ranging from 4x to 100x. This system can be used for fast and gentle imaging of live or fixed cells/samples in widefield mode, confocal mode, or in confocal superresolution mode. The system is equipped with a temperature and CO2 controlled chamber, fast hardware focus system, a JOBS module for high content imaging, and NIS-Elements-AR software for image analysis.

Available imaging techniques:

  • Multicolor fluorescence spinning disk confocal or widefield imaging
  • Two and Three-Dimensional (Z-stack) Imaging
  • Time Series, Live Imaging
  • High content imaging
  • SoRa superresolution imaging
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