Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Oslo University Hospital


The Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF) at Oslo University Hospital Oslo will provide its users with a range of services, including sample analysis and cell sorting, as well as instrumentation, software, and technical expertise/advice for a variety of flow cytometric protocols. Training is available to enable users to run the cytometers themselves. 

The facility is divided into three localities/nodes; Montebello, Gaustad and Ullevål.


Idun Dale Rein, Core facility node leader Radiumhospitalet/Montebello
Department of Core Facilities
Radiumhospitalet, Oslo University Hospital
N-0310 Oslo,

Tel: +47 22 78 14 47
E-mail: idurei@rr-research.no

Fridtjof Lund-JohansenCore facility node leader Rikshospitalet/Gaustad
Inst. for Immunology,
Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital
N-0027 Oslo,

Tel: +47 23 07 30 16
E-mail: fridtjol@gmail.com

Hans Christian Dalsbotten Aass, Core facility node leader Ullevål
Department of Medical Biochemistry,
Ullevål, Oslo University Hospital
N-0450 Oslo,

Tel: +47 22119483
E-mail: h.c.aass@medisin.uio.no

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