Ludvig Sollid's group: Functional Immunogenetics

Ludvig SollidGroup leader
Ludvig Sollid
Group leader

In the gluten-induced enteropathy celiac disease, the main genetic and environmental risk factors are identified. Extensive knowledge on the intestinal adaptive immune response and development of reagents (MCH class II tetramers, labelled B-cell antigen) allows the specific labelling and analysis of disease relevant effector cells. These assets enable us to study disease-relevant cells, both at population and single cell level. The ability to study immune cells over time in response to controlled antigenic exposure (gluten challenge) give us insight into how and why chronic (auto-)immunity may develop in celiac disease and possibly also other MCH class II restricted autoimmune diseases.

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  • High throughput DNA sequencing of T-cell and B-cell receptors on single cell and bulk cell levels
  • Transcriptome analysis of disease relevant effector immune cells (B cells and T cells)
  • Development of novel diagnostic tools; detection of disease specific effector cells in peripheral blood and development of serological assays for immunoglobulin detection
  • Characterization of models for breakage of B-cell tolerance by use of immunoglobulin knock-in mouse model • Characterization of the autoimmune B-cell response and biology of the autoantigen transglutaminase 2


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