Lung cancer

Lung cancer is responsible for the majority of cancer deaths in men and women in Norway, and the incidence is still increasing. As surgery by far is the best documented tumor treatment with curative intent, selection of patients for resection has become an increasing important task.

A. Since 2005/2006 lung cancer surgery in Health Region South  (1,4mill inh) has been centralized to our hospital, and the final selection of patients fit for resection has become the responsibility of our Department. A database has been constructed to follow up all patients referred for cancer treatment. This database contains extensive information regarding all patients, comorbidity, lung-function, tumor type/extension, selection of invasive / non-invasive diagnostic strategy, type of treatment given and survival. Today more than 1000 patients are included. We now will be able to answer questions like the value of PET - CT in diagnosis of lung cancer, degree of positive PET related to molecular tumor testing, to compare patient survival in our health region with that of regions not utilizing modern invasive and non-invasive diagnostic tools, assess gender differences regarding tumor extension/ prognosis, the degree and consequences of co-morbidity in selecting patients fit for surgery. Besides, time delay in investigation and treatment start can be documented in all patients.

B. Translocational research

C. The value of interventional bronchoscopy