Doctoral theses at the Department of Respiratory Medicine since 1991

Henrik Auråen
Donor factors and recipient selection in lung transplantation  2018

Regine Abrahamsen
Occupational exposure, asthma and resiratory work disability : a general population study in Telemark  2018

Anders Bugge
Survival after surgical resection for non-small cell lung cancer 2018

Vivi Lycke
Symptom experiences in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) : a cross-sectional study 2017

Trine Oksholm
Patients’ symptom experiences before and after lung cancer surgery - predictors of patients’ symptom burden 2016

Kirill Neumann
Interventional bronchoscopy in treatment of lung cancer 2015

Stina Gregersen
Pulmonary complications and immunological factors in common variable immunodeficiency 2012

Anne Kristin Fell
Lung function, inflammatory markers, and occuptaional exposure in cement production workers 2011

Inga Leuckfeld
Periodontitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Helle Laier Johnsen
Lung function, respiratory symptoms, and occupational exposure : a five-year prospective study among employees in Norwegian smelters

Siri Skumlien
Assessment of function and effects of rehabilitation in men and women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland
Inflammatory biomarkers after occupational exposure to micro-organisms

Tone Sjåheim
Immunopathology of occupational asthma in aluminium potroom workers

Kristin Lund
Effects of experimental hydrogen fluoride exposure on upper and lower airways in healthy volunteers

Einar Heldal
Tuberculosis in Norway and Nicaragua : epidemiological studies to strengthen prevention and control

Britt Grethe Randem
Cancer incidence, non-malignant mortality and obstructivepulmonary disease in asphalt workers

Bente Ulvestad
Exposure and obstructive pulmonary disease in heavy construction workers : an epidemiological study of norwegian heavy construction workers

Liv Førli
Nutritional status and dietary support in candidates for lung transplantation

Knut Stavem
Health-related quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : measurement and applications

Øystein Bjørtuft
Single lung transplantation : surveillance and functional outcome

Bjørn Johansen
Unilateral bronchial occlusion : effect on single lung ventilation and perfusion : an experimental study

May B. Lund
Pulmonary and cardiac complications after high-dose radiation and/or chemotherapy : a study of patients curatively treated for breast cancer,leukemias and Hodgk

Per Nafstad
Tobacco smoke exposure in early life : assessment of exposure and health effects

Vidar Søyseth
Bronchial responsiveness in workers and children exposed to pollutants from an aluminium smelter 1995

Johny Kongerud
Occupational exposure and asthma : an epidemiologic study of aluminium potroom workers

Amund GulsvikObstructive lung disease in an urban population : methodological aspects and prevalence estimates of a cross-sectional survey, and some possible risk factors in Oslo, Norway 1979

Jon Rasmus Vale
Den pulmonale gassutveksling i hvile og ved moderat arbeidsbelatsning hos normalpersoner og pasienter med lungesykdommer 1970

Trygve Wessel Aas
Undersøkelser av lungefunksjonen med spirometriske målinger og arterielle blodgassanalyser : patofysiologi, metodikk og klinisk anvendelse 1958

Sven Nissen Meyer
Statistical investigations of the relationship of tuberculosis morbidity and mortality fo infection 1949