From the annual national research report: Research project on circulating biomarkers presented

Oslo University Hospital are now presenting interesting research projects, chosen from the annual national research report. Julian Hamfjord and Elin M. Kure, from the "Translational studies with a special focus on pancreatic cancer" project group at the Department of Cancer Genetics, led by Kure, has been interviewed about their exciting ongoing research on circulating biomarkers. 


The article (in Norwegian), from the home page of Oslo University Hospital:
Et nyttig lite stikk

Home page of Elin Kure's project group:
Translational studies with a special focus on pancreatic cancer

Department of Cancer Genetics

The project group. From left: Kjell M. Tveit, Elin H. Kure, Tormod K. Guren and Julian Hamfjord. Photo: Per Marius Didriksen.



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