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Elin Kure

Pancreatic cancer is among the most lethal malignancies. Annually, about 700 pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas (PDAC) are diagnosed in Norway. We study one of the cancer types with worst outcome. The prognosis is poor, and the overall 5-year survival is only 5%. Due to the poor prognosis and survival, the mortality rates and incidence rates are almost identical (Cancer Registry of Norway). The clinical need for more investigations of this tumor type is obvious. We aim at unraveling the underlying biology by studying multiple molecular levels of pancreatic tumors. Molecular characterization of different molecular levels will provide insights into tumor molecular subtypes defined by genetic and epigenetic characteristics specific for aggressive phenotypes. Such insight is necessary for improving the care of these patients. Our findings may benefit the patients by opening new avenues for improved diagnostics, and therapeutic intervention.

There is evidence to support that PDAC patients will have a major benefit in terms of morbidity and mortality from being diagnosed at earlier disease stages. There is an increasing interest in circulating miRNAs and as biomarkers for disease and prognosis. These molecules are interesting since they have a crucial role in many biological and pathological processes including development, differentiation, proliferation, apoptosis and metabolism. Our research also seeks to highlight the translational value of miRNAs and proteins in circulating tumor derived exosomes as functional rather than surrogate biomarkers.


  • To integrate data across the molecular levels of copy number variations, differentially expressed RNAs, epigenetic and protein profiles to provide insights into tumor subtypes, and to identify specific signaling pathways dominant in the molecular subtypes
  • Circulating biomarkers: Genome-wide detection of diagnostic plasma miRNAs and serum N-glycans in pancreatic cancer patients
  • miRNAs and proteins in plasma circulating exosomes as potential biomarkers for early detection and metastatic potential of pancreatic cancer

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