Department of Cancer Genetics


Department head: Therese Sørlie
Department deputy head (adm): Gry Aarum Geitvik
Department secretary: Mona Hagen

Vision: Towards personalized therapy for cancer; integrated molecular and epidemiological studies to reduce risk, achieve early diagnosis, improve prognosis, and tailor the treatment for breast, lung, pancreatic and ovarian cancer.


The department’s overall research goals are:


Our goal is to follow the linear time course of predisposition, initiation, early stages and advanced disease and to dissect the molecular mechanisms triggered at each stage and to follow the multidimentional interactions at various levels in a systems biology approach to be able to better do risk estimation, prognostication and prediction.

To reach these goals we have divided our research into 7 activities:

  1. Gene environment interaction in cancer risk
  2. Tumor initiation and early diagnosis
  3. Tumor progression and metastasis
  4. Prediction of treatment response and targeted therapy
  5. Integrated approaches
  6. Functional validation
  7. Biostatistical challenges and approaches

Research groups

 Åslaug Helland  Vessela N.
Hege Russnes  Therese Sørlie 

Project groups

 Under Åslaug Helland: Under Therese Sørlie:
Cancer in the respiratory tract  Translational studies with a special focus on pancreatic cancer Making sense of GWAS data
Odd Terje Brustugun Elin H. Kure  Silje Nord
Previously under Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale:
TP53 and somatic genetics of breast cancer Genomic and functional analysis of therapeutic targets in breast cancer  


Anita Langerød Kristine Kleivi Sahlberg  

Lab technology group


Lab technology group, headed by Gry Aarum Geitvik


  • Using the best methods available to answer the scientific questions asked
  • Generate and maintain the biobank and data bases
  • Generate laboratory results of excellent quality
  • Highly educated and competent personnel that is up to date with recent innovations in laboratory methodology/technology
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Contact information:

Department of Cancer Genetics, Institute for Cancer Research
The Norwegian Radium Hospital, N-0310 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 2278 1374, Fax: +47 2278 1395, Switchboard: +47 915 02770



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