Interventional clinical studies

Studies actively recruiting patients:

We currently include patients in the following interventional clinical studies:

  1. IMPRESS losartan – losartan in newly-diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma
  2. PRO-GLIO – proton versus photin therapy in IDH-mutated diffuse glioma grade 2 and 3
  3. ISM-GBM – individualized therapy in recurrent glioblastoma
  4. VIGAS2 – valganciclovir in newly-diagnosed glioblastoma
  5. BORTEM – bortemzomib in recurrent glioblastoma
  6. DEN-STEM – individualized vaccine therapy in newly-diagnosed glioblastoma
  7. IMPRESS Norway – individualized targeted therapy in all brain tumors

Studies closed for enrolment:

We have included patients in the following interventional clinical studies which are now closed for enrolment:

  1. EORTC 1320 – trabectedin in recurrent higher grade meningioma
  2. ROAR - BRAF-targeted treatment in BRAF V600E-mutated diffuse glioma
  3. CA 209-498 – nivolumab in MGMT-negative newly-diagnosed glioblastoma
  4. CA 209-548 - nivolumab in MGMT-positive newly-diagnosed glioblastoma
  5. DIRECT – disulfiram and copper in recurrent glioblastoma
  6. EORTC 1709/MIRAGE – marizomib in newly-diagnosed glioblastoma
  7. CC90010-GBM-002 – bromodomain and extraterminal domain inhibitor in newly-diagnosed glioblastoma
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