Neuro-oncology research group

Petter BrandalGroup leader
Petter Brandal
Group leader

The Neuro-oncology research group in Oslo University Hospital, Division for Cancer Medicine is multidisciplinary and consists amongst others of clinical oncologists, radiologists, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, study nurses, radiotherapists and research coordinators. Our work focuses at two crucial themes; improve survival and quality-of-life for patients affected by brain (central nervous system) tumors. There is a strong connection between everyday clinical work and research, and we intend to further strengthen these bonds. Research within the group covers a broad range of medical disciplines and include epidemiology, clinical trials, translation, quality of life and late effects.  

The major aim of the research group is to offer brain tumor patients inclusion in clinical interventional studies. We offer brain tumor patients several studies including in-house investigator-initiated studies, other national and international academic studies, and international commercial studies (see list of studies below). The research group also engages in establishing and continually improving patient care pathways in the largest Norwegian health care region.