Translational Research Unit

The Research lab (Group leaders: E.M. Inderberg and S. Wälchli) relies on the clinical trials patient biobank established by G. Gaudernack (Prof. emeritus, mentor). This represents an inestimable source of information about the patients’ response to immunological treatments over the years. Furthermore, the patient material can be re-analyzed and therapeutic molecules isolated. Indeed, selected material from “good responders” (cured patients) is characterized by molecular biology techniques and studied to reach the pre-clinical stage (in vivo assays). In addition, the scientific team is also developing novel tools to improve immunotherapy. The research lab can undertake basic studies independently. It possesses a fully functional molecular biology lab, cell culture hoods including a retroviral one, different high tech analysis instruments (flow cytometer, fluorescent microscope) and the access to the core facilities of the ICR including the animal facility.

The research lab has the capacity to undertake complete pre-clinical studies for immunotherapeutic molecules such as vaccines and adoptive T cell transfer (Universal Killer). It possesses the competence to deliver molecular biology products isolated from patient material (Adoptive T-cell Therapy), to perform cellular assays and in vivo animal studies. Finally, innovative tools are also developed in collaboration with academy (CAR) and private companies.


We are located at the OCCI


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